Theev is a dusty, arid, Mars-like world. It is an independent world located on the Sindal sub sector, local coords 0506. The starport – a hollowed-out moonlet – is in geostationary orbit over Blacksand, and is referred to as the Skull, as the empty crates resemble bony eye-sockets.

UWP profile: A434500-F
Traffic: Dangerous
Base Types: P
Trade Codes: Na Ni Ht

Starport Class: A
TL: 15


The only settlement in the system is Blacksand City, a high-tech city that rises from the sands of the desert like an impossible mirage. The down-port landing pads have huge bay doors that close overhead when a ship is docked on them, to conceal the visitor from watchful eyes and protect them from the dust. The city itself consists of hundreds of skyscrapers that rise from a network of canyons. The skyscrapers are linked by covered walkways.


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