This is the list of the planets on the Trojan Reach.

Note: All demographic data and technical info in this page is taken from imperial charts hundreds of years old, and often badly outdated. Each planet’s individual page shows information to the extent of the players’ knowledge.

The Sindal Subsector.

The Sindal Subsector is the subsector G of Trojan Reach. It contains 17 worlds with a population of 21.3 billion. The highest population is 20 billion, at Albe. The highest tech level is F at Theev.

System Location Alliegance
Homestead 1715 Independent
Ace 1719 Independent
Salif 1816 Independent
Number One 1818 Independent
Thebus 1919 Independent
Noricum 2018 Independent
Oghma 2020 Independent
Dolberg 2113 Independent
Vume 2115 Independent
Theev 2116 Independent
Marduk 2120 Independent
Albe 2211 Imperium
Realgar 2213 Imperium
Palindrome 2216 Independent
Borite 2219 Independent
Chalchiutlicue 2314 Independent
Cordillon 2411 Imperium


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