The Drinax Privateers

Hunting Down Redthane

After a hasty departure from Theev, our heroes recover from they wounds and interrogate Miria whom agrees on turning over Ferrik Redthane in exchange of her freedom, Redthane’ crew and ships, and becoming the adventurers’ ally.

Ferrik turns up on the Palindrome system. Lured out from his hideout by Miria, Ferrik suddenly smells the trap and attempts to escape, only to have his ship pummeled down, after which he is turned down by his own crew.

While turning Redthane to the Torpol and Clarke authorities, the adventurers learn an interesting bit of information about Admiral Darokyn a notorious pirate operating on the Sindal subsector

Vincast, a noble socialite the adventurers meet on Theev, joins the party.



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